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Retail Mentoring

The objective of Grey4Gold is to connect businesses with experienced people with a range of skills required for the retail industry. The retail industry employs more than three million people and is the largest employer of people in the UK, after Government.

Our retail mentoring services are now being widely used across the UK, and below there are examples of the processes we adopt to help take your business to the next level. If your business is a start-up, we employ a very similar approach.

Track Record

Take a look at what some of the recipients of our mentorings services have to say about Grey4Gold mentors.

Divine, Porthcawl.

A fashion retailer says she has increased her sales thanks to a campaign backed by the Welsh Government and run with Grey4Gold. Michelle Smith sells ladies' fashion and accessories from her shop called Divine in John Street, Porthcawl.

Michelle's Grey4Gold mentor Andrew Shufflebotham has a keen understanding of retailing in South Wales and gave Michelle the confidence to increase her product range.

Michelle said:

"Andrew was really good for me and the mentoring was really useful because I've always had a business partner but now I'm on my own it's nice to have someone to bounce things off and I found that really useful."

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Martin Rees, Wrexham.

A JEWELLER with more than thirty years' experience is using a mentoring service tailored for the retail sector and operated by Grey4Gold.

Mrs Rees said:

"Mark was our mentor and he gave us a quick overview of the shop and sent me an email of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which was very interesting reading.

"I think it's really wonderful that there's so much help available at such reasonable prices. There was virtually no red-tape and we were able to put things in place very quickly and we're looking forward to going from strength to strength."

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Adore, Wrexham.

Nicola Morrison studied fashion design at Yale College and sells her own clothes at her boutique Adore in Charles Street, Wrexham.

Fiona Mockett was Adore's Grey4Gold mentor, who suggested major changes to the floor space, merchandising, window display and lighting.

Nicola said:

"She changed so much of the shop it was brilliant and cost less than £100 to do all the changes. I really liked the mentoring and it's really made a difference to the shop."

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Read more about these and other Grey4Gold mentoring success stories on our testimonials and our blog pages.

Our Mentors

Mark O'Dolan said:

"The feeling of self achievement is overwhelming when an Independent High Street retailer says 'you have been an inspiration to my business'. I learnt very quickly by their very nature Business owned entrepreneurs have always done it their own way so being a mentor with a wealth of retail experience is one thing but having the skill to listen, learn and have empathy for the business you are mentoring is the key to success.

"The secret is to be clear my objective is to help improve profit through offering new ideas. Working together we identify the strengths and weaknesses in the business that identifies quick wins and longer term action to improve sales and profit."

Phil Smith said:

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Our Processes

Trust and a good chemistry are crucial during the mentor process. The Grey4Gold mentor is never a threat to the owner or critical of past endeavour. It's all about understanding the business and then developing the trading strengths and ensuring that simple controls are in place to guarantee that the owner knows precisely what is going on in the business and can anticipate issues, before they hit.

Grey4Gold's developed template 'health check' for quickly indentifying issues is clear and understandable to all. The Grey4Gold mentor process explains clearly to start-ups the crucial steps needed to establish a small enterprise on a firm footing, while assisting those who are already in business to go from strength to strength. Opportunities are there and working alongside an experienced and knowledgeable mentor from Grey4Gold can help a business enormously.

Health Check

Prior to your mentoring sessions with us we will send you our retail health check, which consists of five sections designed to enable our mentors to quickly and effectively analyse your business.

  1. The Market & your Strategy.
  2. Financial, Operations & Performance.
  3. How to stand out in a crowded market.
  4. Learning about your business. Setting & measuring goals.
  5. E-Tailing & Multi-channel.

The next step

If you would like us to sit with you for a free two hour session, please get in touch.

Understanding the UK Retail Market

Access Grey4Gold's analysis of the UK retail market, based on figures published by the Office of National Statistics.

Grey4Gold mentors use this resource to provide business owners with up to date and accurate forecasts of the UK retail market, helping businesses quickly respond to changing market conditions.

Download the latest analysis