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Grey4Gold Partners

Profit Improvement Partners

Profit Improvement Partners specialise in commercial finance and are independent of any one lender. Combined, their Financial Services providers have in excess of 90 years’ experience, knowledge and trading. They provide access to a wide range of different lenders with varying credit appetites and types of facilities. This includes banks and their subsidiaries, independent providers and even private individuals. In many cases, they can work for a client company on a 'free of charge' basis, since all lenders will pay a finder's fee for new business. To find out more click here.

Prima Principia

Are you seeking exceptional talent for your retail business?

By partnering with us you will receive:

  • a first class search service from a highly experienced recruitment specialist with over 30 years' proven track record
  • access to a wide range of exceptional talent - well beyond attracting those individuals who are currently seeking a new appointment
  • a highly competitive fee structure - significantly below the industry standard
  • a dedicated executive coach who will support your successful applicant as they take up their appointment with you

Contact us to discover how we can support your business to build the talent pipeline

View some of our current opportunities on Grey4Gold


The trading name of the National Grocers' Benevolent Fund, GroceryAid is the charity for the grocery industry. From factory to store: GroceryAid helps people all over the UK who have worked, or are working, in the grocery industry and have now found that they need some extra support to get by. GroceryAid raises money through a variety of fundraising events, donations and corporate sponsorship. The help that GroceryAid provides can make a very real difference and it provides not only monetary support, but also appliances and everyday items that many take for granted.

Further information on GroceryAid, including details on our events and how you can help, is available on our website at: by email on or call 01252 875925.

Retail Trust

The Retail Trust is the principal charity of the retail sector that provides hardship grants of 1 million per annum to people who are working in or have worked in the retail industry or associated businesses.

We provide help and support to people whatever challenges they face, including home, family, health, finance or work issues.

Find out how you can get involved by attending one of our fantastic events or supporting our work.

You can find out more about the vital services we offer:

  • Free and confidential Helpline 0808 801 0808
  • Free counselling
  • Free legal advice
  • ReWork programme
  • Career development
  • Employee assistance programme
  • Retirement housing

Retail Trust offers all of these services completely free of charge to those working in retail and is continually expanding its services to help more people in need.