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Mentoring - Access a Wealth of Experience

Browse all and view business mentors by areas of expertise.

Connect with a Business Mentor

Match your needs to over 1,000 skilled individuals with practical experience based throughout Great Britain.

A Grey4Gold business mentor's qualifications are rooted in on the job experience, not training courses or theory. They have, quite simply, been there, done that, learned from it and can apply those lessons to solve business issues.

From: Mark Prisk
Former Minister for Business and Enterprise

February 2011

Mark Prisk, minister for business and enterprise has given his backing to Grey4Gold and said it is "essential" that the UK makes "full use of the skills and talent that already exists in the community".

"I am delighted that Grey4Gold has risen to this challenge," Prisk said.

You can contact potential mentors directly %u2010 there is no middle man or agency involved. Registration is at no-charge. The choice is yours.

Mentors Provide Guidance

A Grey4Gold business mentor will provide guidance to a business owner or an entrepreneur for his or her business in the following ways:


  • Assist the business to adapt to new skills, practice new behaviours and improve business performance.
  • Share professional wisdom, make strategic suggestions and warn of dangers.
  • Listen carefully and understand the issues the business needs to overcome.
  • Build the mentee's confidence to undertake complex tasks to reach their goals.
  • Develop a business proposition that will help you find the right approach to raise money or refinance your business.


Become a Business Mentor

Grey4Gold is connected with Mentors Me and the NSA for Retail so our mentors are more accessible. If you are interested in becoming a business mentor, please tick the box saying that you are happy to mentor businesses when you register with Grey4Gold or login.

The National Skills Academy for RetailRetail Business Mentoring
The National Skills Academy (NSA) for Retail has partnered with Grey4Gold to launch a new Business Mentoring scheme for independent retailers and town centres across the UK.

"The service was hugely worthwhile. The mentor brought a fresh pair of eyes and a depth of knowledge which we could never provide - we have had such a good response from our businesses." Peter Wilson, Shropshire Council