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Grey4Gold Frequently Asked Questions


Grey4Gold encourages you to make as many choices as you would like to on the Expertise pages, and any others, where square tick boxes may appear. In fact, more boxes ticked the better, as that means more potential search results to link back to your profile, and so hopefully improve the chances of Grey4Gold making successful matches for you.

Underlined Links

Underlined text anywhere on the site is an active link so please feel free to click on this.

Browser Cookies issue

In order to make the most of and to ensure that you have a seamless experience of signing into the site, we have found that users need to set Internet Explorer to accept cookies, the software that allows you to log in to sites by remembering your details.

To do this:

  1. Click on the Tools link in the top right hand corner of the browser screen.
  2. Then click Internet Options in the drop down list. This will bring up a new little window with seven tabs (General, Security, Privacy, Content, connections, Programs, and Advanced).
  3. Select the Privacy Tab and click on the Sites button.
  4. Then type into the text box and click the Allow button just off to the right.

This process will then allow your Internet Explorer browser to accept cookies and allow you to sign in without any problems.