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About Us
Creating Jobs and Opportunity & Where Business Finds Experience

Grey4Gold Board Photograph 2012

"Usus est optimum magister" Experience is the best teacher. was launched on 1 June 2010 as a professional business skills matching service, specialising in retail.

Its aim was, and continues to be, to attract people with proven experience in the retail industry, and connect them to small and medium sized businesses (SME's) and businesses of all sizes.

There are 1.2m SME's in the UK, 400,000 of which are in retail SME's. Grey4Gold believe these firms can use the wide variety of skills, including human resources (nationwide services provided by HR ), gained over a period by individuals who have achieved much industry success and know-how. Read more about Grey4Gold's latest progress.

Grey4Gold will introduce experienced professionals capable of being:

  • Independent non-executive directors
  • Part time managers
  • Full time managers
  • Interim managers
  • Freelancers
  • Mentors

Connect Online

Candidates and employers are able to contact each other directly through Grey4Gold. There is no middle man at Grey4Gold.

Tangible Benefits

Excellent returns will still be available for those businesses flexible enough to deal with change, especially those who understand customers and anticipate, and deliver, to their needs. Our recruitment and search service matches experienced candidates with job opportunities to better equip companies to reach their strategic goals.

Grey4Gold will give seasoned managers an opportunity to contribute to growing and emerging businesses with the wealth of experience and know-how they have built up over many years.

By tapping into the skills, various disciplines and experience of open-minded professional people, companies can introduce a perspective and vision needed to deliver the performance they require to compete profitably.

Expanding a small to medium size company is complicated. Quirky and adaptable can and often leads to cautious and boring. Motivation gets diluted as process takes over. As banks and shareholders get involved, pressures to perform mount. Distinctive features can fade as the treadmill takes over. Independents and SMEs can thrive working with experienced "freelancers".

Using companies and their management team need not go through lengthy and costly executive searches, with no guarantee of success. A non-executive director or an interim or part-time manager, from Grey4Gold will become part of the business and its ethos (even for a short time), in a way an appointee from a management consultancy can never be.


One thing we know about the make up of UK demographics is that we will soon have a lot more "grey" hair around. Young and mature, experienced and those with less experience, can, through Grey4Gold, come together and produce results.

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